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Hi, I’m Sarah… Welcome to my blog!

Ophoto-feb-11-10-26-46-amn Another Note launched in October 2014, mostly as an experiment. I had tried blogging a few times before but never found my niche. After a couple of years, I decided to try again and see where it led. Thus, On Another Note was born. I chose the name because that phrase is used to introduce a new topic in conversation. At the time, my life itself was “on another note.” The blog’s name was a reminder that I had entered a new chapter of life.

Things have settled down some since I began this blog, but the name stuck because life can change at any time.

Originally, I intended to make this exclusively a book blog. While I do still write plenty about books, I discovered that I prefer to write about life. It’s a broad subject and one I’ll never be an expert on, but I love to learn and share the little things I pick up along the way.

Stories are my passion and I believe they have the power to change us. After all, even Jesus shared His message through storytelling. There’s something that draws us to stories, and through those stories, we can be drawn closer to our Creator and each other.

I think this is why writing has fascinated me since I could hold a crayon. After I dictated my first “real” story to my mom in preschool, the writing life hooked me. Since then, I’ve discovered a lot about storytelling and try to improve a little more each day. My dream is to share words that will touch others’ hearts and souls. C. S. Lewis once said, “We read to know we are not alone.” If my words can make just one person feel less alone, then I’ve done my job as an author.

Author isn’t my only occupation, though- I also work as a college recruiter, serve in my church’s media, youth and children’s ministries, and am studying for my BA in English. My favorite titles are daughter, sister, aunt and friend.

I have a snarky sense of humor, a severe dark chocolate addiction, an affinity for Starbucks, and an obsession with owls. I sing along to Disney movies and musicals, and play the piano, though it’s usually off-key. You can find me at all the links below, typically late at night:

Twitter: @sarahrosiem
Instagram: @sarahrosie12
Pinterest: @sarahrosiem
WattPad: sarahrmunson

I’m an introvert but I enjoy meeting new people, especially other creatives and chocolate-holics. Let’s stay connected and share this crazy, caffeinated, spectacular thing called life. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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