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Hi, I’m Sarah… Welcome to my blog!

january profile 2On Another Note launched in October 2014, mostly as an experiment. I chose the name because the phrase is used to introduce a new topic in conversation. At the time, my life itself was “on another note.” The blog’s name was a reminder that I had entered a new chapter of life. Things have settled down some since I began this blog, but the name stuck because life can change at any time.

Stories are my passion and I believe they have the power to change us. After all, even Jesus shared His message through storytelling. There’s something that draws us to stories, and through those stories, we can be drawn closer to our Creator and each other.

I think this is why writing has fascinated me since I could hold a crayon. After I dictated my first “real” story to my mom in preschool, the writing life hooked me. My dream is to share words that will touch others’ hearts and souls. If my words can make just one person feel less alone, then I’ve done my job as an author.

Author isn’t my only occupation, though- I also work in enrollment at a college, serve in my church’s media, youth and children’s ministries, and am studying for my BA in English. My favorite titles are daughter, wife, sister, aunt and friend.

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