Blog Launch & Interview with Annie Hawthorne of Curious Wren

8 thoughts on “Blog Launch & Interview with Annie Hawthorne of Curious Wren”

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    Launch Party Interview over at On Another Note!

    Hello, lovelies! My sweet friend Sarah did a special interview with me for the first day of the Curious Wren blog launch party! Pop on over to hear what mythical creature I want, what books I’m dying to re-read, and my favorite childhood reads.

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  2. This was so cute to read because of both of you!

    Can I join you & your cute baby dragon to roast marshmallows? Dragons and s’mores are two of my favorite things! I’d also be down for roaming Middle-Earth… or marathoning LOTR… 😀


    P.S. My sister–who is older than me–got the Enchanted Forest coloring book & I’m insanely jealous. I stole it to copy pictures so I could color them too! It’s fantastic. They should make an outer space one for me. 🙂

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  3. That was such a lovely interview, Annie and Sarah :). I also love your blog, Sarah!

    Annie, I approve of your choice of authors to meet up with, and Stengl’s novels *have* to be come classics in years to come *glowers with determination* They’re so good!! I love your choice of favourite novels (Of course!) too :).

    Oooh, Annie, let’s be partners in crime, go together on a trip to England one day, then go visit NZ (which is almost like visiting Middle-Earth ;)) and then you can come and stay some weeks in Australia *hint hint* 😀
    I’m totally up for such a plan! 😉

    Love you, dear friend. God bless. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Joy! ❤ You absolutely made my day! I just checked out your blog, and it's lovely. I can't wait to read more from you!

      I'm also going to invite myself on that England and Middle-Earth, I mean, NZ trip. 😉

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