What I Learned in March, and in April So Far

8 thoughts on “What I Learned in March, and in April So Far”

  1. Hi Sarah! I hope you’ve been doing well.

    I definitely know what you mean about struggling to find a balance between hiding too much and oversharing. I tend to want to cover everything up too, but it seems I can’t open up without speaking too bluntly or giving away too much. I hope I too can learn how to balance honesty with silence.

    That’s one of the most beautiful parts of writing and one of the scariest, isn’t it? Being entirely honest about who you are, what you feel, and how you think? Beautiful because paper and ink won’t judge you and the words themselves might find their way to sympathetic hearts, but scary because you can’t guarantee what people might think about you, your art, or your ideas. I wish I could just write with abandon and not care what people think, but that’s quite an obstacle to overcome.


    1. You put that so beautifully, Hanna! That is exactly how I feel about writing, and balancing honest with silence. It is really scary putting some things out there! I think it’s because writing is so close to our hearts, so we feel everything more intensely connected to it. Nothing feels better than when those words do find understanding hearts, though. Every time you leave me a comment, I’m reminded of that.
      Thank you for always sharing such kind words! It makes my day. ❤

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  2. I can totally relate to the struggle between being too open on my blog and hiding my true self. I battle this a lot. It’s encouraging to know I’m not alone, and that sometimes things are just too raw to share (at first, at least). Thanks for this post!

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    1. I’m really glad to know I’m not alone in this, either. Here’s to both of us finding our honesty balance, one post at a time. 🙂 Also, your comments are always so encouraging to me, Marissa. Thank you for reading this, and taking time to share your kind words. ❤


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