12 (More) Reasons to Buy More Books

8 thoughts on “12 (More) Reasons to Buy More Books”

  1. Another great list. 🙂 I agree, a house isn’t a home without lots of (good) books in it.

    I like your point about using books as teachers too. Frankly, I think books can teach you even better than some schools. They let you study at your own pace and if you don’t like the way one person teaches about something, you can just find another book on the same topic!

    Isn’t it weird how you keep going back to the books that depress/scare you the most? I was reading a short story the other day that is easily one of the creepiest things I’ve read in a long time, but I just had to read it to the end!

    I especially like point #12. There are certain books (To Kill a Mockingbird, for example) that make me feel like a better person for having read them.

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    1. Thank you, Hanna! 🙂
      I’ve always been able to learn more from books, too, I feel. I never could quite put it into words, though, and I love the way you said it.
      It is strange how the scary or sad stories are the most captivating! I think it’s because they engage us the most. What was the short story??
      It’s official- I need to get To Kill a Mockingbird the next time I’m at the library! You’ve really interested me in it. 🙂


      1. I was hoping you would ask. 🙂 It was “The Next in Line” by Ray Bradbury from his short story collection The October Country. I wrote a review of it for my blog, but it’s full of spoilers so you might not want to read it.

        I hope whenever you do read Mockingbird, you write something about it for your blog. I’d love to hear what you think of it. 🙂


  2. Yet another wonderful list! 😀 I think one of my greatest investments is in my bookshelf, I’ve also reached a point in my life where it is now changing to hold the books I truly like/love, and I donate the others to help support my reading habit in college. Mr. K’s, I love you!

    Speaking of book recommendations… I started several books and nothing was grabbing my attention until I saw this book called: Both of Me. It’s by Jonathan Friesen, and I got it to review (as an eBook, why not get it for free when they’re offering it?). It is sooo interesting. A young woman has been traveling the world, avoiding a strained life at home where she accidentally swaps bags with a young man on a plane who has Dissociative Identity Disorder, a man who falls in and out of reality into the world created in his mind. Her travels are then interrupted when she goes to retrieve her bag, but that is not the only things she finds she is after. And she’s not the only one looking for a way out. I’m halfway through and can’t wait to finish!

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    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed the list, Marissa! I love the idea of books being an investment.
      Both of Me sounds super interesting!! I’m going to check it out right now. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I’ll be checking out your blog for more titles to add to my “To Be Read” list. 🙂


  3. Loved this list, Sarah! You have officially made spending any amount of money on books justifiable. Ergo, I believe I shall continue building up my collection until I have a library comparable to the one from Beauty and the Beast.

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    1. I can see why Belle falls in love with the Beast. I’m pretty sure if someone gave me that library, I’d marry him, too haha!
      Since that’s not going to happen, I think I’ll invite myself over to your library. We can combine our book stashes and make one even more magnificent!


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