12 Reasons to Buy More Books

20 thoughts on “12 Reasons to Buy More Books”

  1. Yes, yes, yes, and yes, all the way down the list! Don’t forget that buying books stimulates the economy and creates jobs for booksellers. So really, buying books is a public service. At least, that’s what I say as I drive past the parish library on the way to Barnes and Noble. 😉 I just got a new book in from Amazon yesterday (Selected Poems by W. H. Auden), so that should keep me busy for a little while, but I’m sure next time I’m anywhere near a bookstore, I think of something else I simply have to have!


    1. Lol! Yes!!! I’ll add that to my next list. I’m building my library AND the economy. It’s perfect reasoning. 🙂 bookstores are my true weakness. Even if I make it out with my budget intact, I inevitably go online to order some later.

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    2. Hanna, I absolutely love the way you think! The way you put it, it’d be downright selfish NOT to purchase books, right? I mean, after all, we can’t risk damaging the economy, now can we?

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  2. I absolutely loved all your reasons for purchasing books, Sarah. It’s funny that I’m reading this post while Amazon is open on the other internet tab . . . yes, I am currently purchasing a couple more books for my never-ending collection. But hey, books bring about knowledge, right? So I think I’m justified to spend a little money to further my intelligence (at least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). That can be reason number 13 to continuously buy more novels than you will ever possibly be able to read in a single lifetime.
    Okay, enough of this chatter. I believe I have an Amazon order to complete . . .


    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed the post, Bernadette! I can’t tell you how much your support means. You’re truly so kind & encouraging! I’ll be buying your books someday soon, too, I hope! 🙂


  3. You have tempted me! I love buying books… They are timeless in their own way. Today I found a copy of the “Joy of Cooking” for 75 cents in amazing condition, I am so excited! It’s been on my list of must-buys for a while.


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