A Janeite Must Be in Want of These Gifts

Happy December, dears!

I keep recounting the days, but there’s officially less than a month until Christmas. Gingersnaps.

I always have great ideas for gifts throughout the year and then the generous creativity freezes up right around December. And then, in the middle of figuring out what I should give others, they ask me what I want.

Um… How about… socks? Leg warmers? I don’t know. I want too many things all year, but nothing at all around Christmas.

So partly because I personally like these gifts, and partly because I would LOVE to give them, I have assembled some geeky gift guides. I listed more categories than I originally planned, so this will actually be a series.

The first installment is in honor of my favorite authoress ever, Miss Jane Austen.

As most of my friends and all of my family can attest, it is a truth universally acknowledged that I am a bit obsessed with all things Austen. All right, perhaps more than a bit. 

To all my fellow Janeites, and the people who shop for them, I present gifts that a Janeite must be in want of.

Note: I was not compensated in any way for these links. I am sharing them purely because I love these items. 

Jane Austen Gifts Collage

  1. Jane Austen Couple Postcards from Castle on the Hill, Etsy – I love everything about this artist’s Jane Austen prints, especially that the background includes text from the novel! These postcards especially caught my eye because the set includes all the favorite Austen pairs. I’m not sure I could bear to mail them; they would probably end up framed instead.
  2. Mr. Darcy Proposal Scarf from Brookish, Etsy – This entire shop tempts me mercilessly. I’m particularly fond of how soft this scarf looks, and the color is lovely, as is the script of Darcy’s famous proposal.
  3. Pride & Prejudice Pouch from Out of Print Clothing – I never have enough pouches for things, and I could never resist one with a Jane Austen design
  4. The Jane Austen Handbook, available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble – One of my best friends gave me this for Christmas a couple of years ago, and I never get tired of reading through it. This little guide is both witty and insightful; I appreciate the Regency world even more now, and thanks to this book, might be able to survive if I were transported back in time.
  5. Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth Bennett Artwork from Masha Laurence, Etsy – This artist renders the most exquisite Jane Austen prints. I have three of them framed in my room, and wish I had space for more. Especially this charming portrait of Mr. Darcy and Lizzie.
  6. Mr. Darcy Note cards from Brookish, Etsy – Once again, I would probably never send these, but they are lovely.
  7. Places of Pride & Prejudice Tee Shirt from Brookish, Etsy – It makes no difference to me that the general public may not know where Longbourne is. I would wear this most proudly.
  8. Captain Wentworth Slouchy Sweatshirt from Brookish, Etsy– Move over, Mr. Darcy. I personally consider Captain Wentworth’s proposal to be the most romantic of all. This tee shirt proves it.
  9. Pride & Prejudice Mobile Phone Case from a Case of Creative, Etsy – I do believe I need a new case… 😉
  10. Half Agony, Half Hope Mug from Brookish, Etsy – Further proof that Captain Wentworth deserves more credit. I also like this quote on the mug, because it reminds me of the “half full, half empty” way of looking at a glass. Odd, I know.
  11. A Jane Austen Devotional, available from Barnes & Noble or Amazon – Yes, there is even a devotional for Janeites! This little book is truly inspiring, and through it, I have learned a great deal from my favorite Austen characters. Besides, who wouldn’t want another way to infuse Austen into your daily routine?
  12. Jane Austen Library Brooch from Jezebel Charms, Etsy – Two of my favorites: Austen and the Dewey Decimal System. Purely awesome.
  13. Pride & Prejudice Tote from Out of Print Clothing – A bag to match the adorable pouch! A perfect pair, like Darcy and Lizzie.
  14. Jane Austen Quote Tea Towel from the Velvet Vine, Etsy – This charming tea towel is printed with one of my favorite Jane-isms: “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

And there is nothing like giving a Janeite an Austen inspired gift! Are you a Janeite, or do you have one in your life? What other Regency presents would you add to this list?

Happy Christmas!

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4 thoughts on “A Janeite Must Be in Want of These Gifts

    1. I’m so happy you agree! It is taking all of my willpower not to do Christmas shopping for myself. Creating more of these gift guides is going to test my self-control even more haha.


  1. You are a tad bit obsessed with Jane Austen, aren’t you? I didn’t know you could fine so many Austen related items! They’re pretty neat though.


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